Stabbing Of Teen Girl Finally Solved With DNA – The Inquisitr News


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Police then got a tip in 2021 that Gary Ramirez could be a prime suspect in the unsolved case. It did not indicate what led to the tip about Ramirez’s family.

Earlier this year, using a DNA sample obtained from Ramirez’s child, a lab concluded there is “very strong statistical support” that the DNA found at the crime scene belonged to Ramirez, the complaint said.

The operation to arrest Ramirez took months of planning and coordinated effort involving Santa Clara County, Maui, and federal law enforcement authorities. It was primarily funded by a grant awarded to the DA’s Office in 2021 by the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate and prosecute cold cases.

District Attorney Jeff Rosen said, “DA Rosen: “Behind every old murder file in every major police department, there is a person, heartbreak, and a mystery. The mystery of Karen Stitt’s death has been solved thanks to advances in forensic science and a detective that would never, ever give up.”

Anyone with information about Gary Ramirez is encouraged to contact the DA’s Office Cold Case Prosecutor Rob Baker at .