The social dillema? Here’s how you can get rid of that app addiction! – DNA India


Cannot stop browsing your phone because of that one single app? Well, here’s how you can try to say goodbye to it!

  • Shaheen Irani
  • Sep 26, 2020, 04:01 PM IST

With the evolution of phones and more interesting apps over the time, humans have found an addiction – of at least one app on their mobile phone. One just cannot imagine what life would be like without a phone or a notification on it.

Do you find the urge to look into your phone for the latest update? Do you feel like phones are the only way to connecting with your ‘friends’? Do you almost never communicate in real life? If you have answered even one of the questions in a yes, congratulations, you have lost touch with another human and are just a robot to the technology.

But there is no need for you to worry, because we have found the solution, through which, if applied, you could reduce that addiction, and over time, simply forget all about it. No, it is not about working the extra hours (unless you really want to do that).

1. Turn off your phone


Living a boring monotonous life? We feel you! Simple trick? Turn off your phone and go back to basics like reading a book. Admire nature, take a warm cup of coffee or curl up in bed with that novel you have been wanting to read since forever. You will thank us!

2. Turn off the notification


Willing to quit the addiction but cannot? Well, the company cannot help you but your phone can. Go to settings and turn off the notification for the app. Ta-da! Sure shot way of reducing time on the app and eventually forgetting it altogether.

3. Let those toxic comments motivate you


You read that right. The toxic comments are not something you need in your life. Now either you have a completely messed up real-world life, or a beautiful one. Who needs judgements from social media in either case, am I right? You are worthy, never forget that!

4. Get involved in household duties


So you have hired a maid and take her tantrums just because you can’t do the household work or don’t wish to do it? Well you could change that and become hands-on about what maintaining a house is like. It would make you appreciate others who do it too, and it doesn’t make you less manly. In fact you ought to know a secret, girls/women love men who know their way around the kitchen and other chores, and help them from time-to-time. It is literally the stepping stone for a happy family in the future.

5. Go socialize in real life


This one is the hardest on the list, not because you will eventually carry your phone, but because the person you want to socialize with, might be more interested in the phone than you. I speak from personal experience – if you can convince the person and you both keep that phone aside, you will actually know that person on a deeper level. Eye contact over phone contact is pure bliss!