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If there is such a thing as a Seattle style Pizza, we hear it has decades old sourdough starters, handmade cheese, and locally sourced toppings. We learn about the ethics and laws behind genetic genealogy, a tool used to solve a crime committed in Seattle 23 years ago. And the importance of peer specialists in homelessness outreach comes through in a personal story of a local outreach worker who was homeless for 15 years.

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Is there a Seattle-style pizza?

New Haven, New York, Chicago, Detroit. Many American cities have deemed a pizza style their own. But is pizza all that different from city to city and what makes our pizza in the Pacific Northwest unique? Bill Radke spoke with Allecia Vermillion, the Editor-in-Chief and Food editor at Seattle Metropolitan Magazine about her take on the pizza scene in Seattle.

Dawn Whitson on 15 years of being homeless

As an outreach care coordinator, Dawn has often come on our show to talk about the people she works with and aims to help. But she approaches her job with her own experiences and privileges in mind too. Bill Radke spoke with Dawn Whitson, an outreach care coordinator in Seattle about her experience with addiction, homelessness, and why even privileged communities can face difficult circumstances.

WA police and genetic genealogy

Seattle police arrested a woman for a crime she’s charged with committing 23 years ago. They used genetic genealogy to test the DNA of the crime scene. What are the ethics behind using this tool? Bill Radke spoke with David Kaye, an emeritus professor of law at Penn State and the Arizona State University School of Law and Life Sciences. His research focuses on the intersection of genetics and the law.