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Parwinder Singh, an Indian teenage entrepreneur, author, and social media influencer, commenced his journey at the early age of 13.

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Updated: Nov 23, 2020, 07:27 PM IST

It started with a vision to earn a place in a conventional society. Parwinder Singh, an Indian teenage entrepreneur, author, and social media influencer, commenced his journey at the early age of 13.

“I started with a vision to follow an unconservative passion, breaking the norms led by society regarding age.”

Seeing the numerous opportunities presented by the internet, Prosingh, initially began cybersecurity courses and subsequently earning a certificate in the same.

After gaining knowledge in numerous fields related to technology, his interest in programming escalated. He designed his first advanced android app by the age of 15, Money reward. 

As he recalls, “The app was designed to help teenagers to earn money on online platforms.” he also later developed Goodr, an android app.

Prosingh is tech-savvy, always exploring the niche he is interested in and learning new skills. His ideas of learning, growing, and finding solutions in times of grief, are merits to him.

Over the years he has taught himself, discipline, resiliency, and work ethics to excel in his field.

Parwinder Singh, participated in numerous hackathons, including one in Rajasthan and Delhi. He has won many cyber championships, making his community and school proud.

In 2019 he also got selected for Asia MUN III which was held in Bali. he describes these experiences as some memorable gems of his life.

At the early age of 16, Prosingh launched his very own startup, InstaEASY, a social media marketing agency, which helps people on Instagram to grow their business and personal account, by targeting a particular set of audience, by automation.

After 2 years of its inception, InstaEASY, has served more than 5000 clients and worked with many numerous high profile businesses.

The steady growth, hard work, and patience all contributed to its success. Finally after a year, since its operation, InstaEASY got registered in the US as an LLC firm.

Prosingh also mastered Instagram and published his first book, “The Actual Growth Hack – Complete Guide for Instagram”, about Instagram marketing secrets at an age of 17.

One’s background, community, and surroundings have a lot of influence on a person’s life. Even though Prosingh came from a conventional family, his dreams were never small. He has proven that age is just a number, and it’s the passion and one’s belief in self that can help you sore high in the sky. 

Parwinder has valued all the opportunity he has received and it’s his perseverance and persistence which helped him. He believes “Life is a journey to Illumination.” Following the same, he is all set to change the world with his ideas.

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