DNA testing will decide if huge potato smashes world record – The Times


Constance Kampfner

The Times

Colin Craig-Brown has named his potato Doug


A couple who dug up a potato in their vegetable patch that weighed more than twice as much as the average newborn baby were sure it was a shoo-in to break the world record.

However, first a chunk of the massive vegetable, which was grown in New Zealand, has to be sent for DNA testing in Scotland, to prove it really is a potato.

Colin and Donna Craig-Brown, who discovered the 7.8kg (17lb 3oz) potato in their vegetable garden in August, said a lack of trust in their discovery — which they have nicknamed Doug — had left them feeling dejected. Mr Craig-Brown said: “They’ve asked for a sample to do a DNA analysis of him. It needs to be sent to Scotland to have