Explainer: What is ‘Spotify Wrapped’? Here’s how you can see yours on mobile app – DNA India


Spotify Wrapped is a feature that displays a story (or slideshow) of the songs and artists you’ve listened to the most recently, together with any new music you’ve found and the precise number of minutes you spent listening to music. You also receive a playlist of your top 100 songs that you’ve listened to.

Every year, your Spotify Wrapped gets updated, and it’s simple to share with friends or on social media. Here’s where to go for this year’s Spotify Wrapped narrative and playlist.

How to locate your Spotify Wrapped 2022 playlists and story:

There’s a fair possibility that you’ll notice a notification about a new Spotify Wrapped update the moment you start the app whenever one is released. Here’s how you locate your Wrapped, though, if you by any chance do not get the notification.

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1. Tap on the ‘Your Wrapped is here’ box after opening the Spotify app.

2. It will start with your Wrapped story. There are 12 sections to Wrapped 2022, which cover your favourite genres, your Audio Day, how long you spent streaming, your favourite song, and more. To share the slide with friends or on social media, select the ‘Share this story’ option.

3. Click ‘Add to Your Library’ on the slide that displays the playlist of your top songs from 2022. Your top 100 songs of the year will be saved as a playlist that you can access at any time and enjoy listening to.

4. Furthermore, you’ll get to know your listening personality. Based on your listening preferences, Spotify will identify one of 16 personality types for you.

5. Spotify will provide you with a handy card with all of your most essential musical information at the conclusion of the Wrapped story. To save it as a picture, text it, share it on social media, and other things, tap on ‘Share.’During the first phase of the Gujarat Assembly Elections, former Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani and his wife Anjali Rupani cast their votes at a voting location in Rajkot.