Julio Iglesias DID father secret son court rules despite years of denials after investigators took DNA swabs – The Sun


A judge in Valencia ruled that Javier Sanchez-Santos, born in 1976 to Portuguese dancer Maria Edite Santos, is the crooner’s child despite dismissing DNA swabs obtained surreptitiously from Julio’s famous off-spring Enrique.


Julio Iglesias, left, is the father of Javier Sanchez-Santos, right, a Spanish court has ruledCredit: AFP


Portuguese dancer Maria Edite had a week-long affair with Julio in 1975, the court heardCredit: Getty – Contributor

Iglesias, 75, who has sold more than 300 million records in 14 languages, had a brief affair with the ballerina in 1975 when he was still married to his first wife Isabel Preysler, the court heard.

Despite Julio refusing to take a DNA test the judge ruled that there was an “obvious physical resemblance” between him and Javier.

Ms Edite Santos’ testimony to the court also swayed the judge’s decision.

He said that she had provided credible evidence of her week-long affair with the singer in Catalonia in July 1975 and that her son was born nine months later.

The judge said: “The possibility that sexual relations took place between them is not unlikely nor preposterous.”

Julio’s defence team argued against the trial taking place because the case had previously been dismissed.

The explosive ruling can still be appealed by Iglesias – who was not present in the Valencia court today.

New DNA evidence, which was later dismissed, obtained from a “bottle of water” used by Julio’s son Enrique sparked the re-trial.

A US-based investigator grabbed the bottle after Enrique, who is married to former tennis player Anna Kournikova, left it on a Miami beach while surfing.

The DNA results showed that there was a 99.9 per cent match between Javier Sanchez-Santos and his alleged brother.

Madrid-born Julio turned to singing after a car accident in 1963 ended his burgeoning football career.

The musician, who is the best-selling Latin artist ever, has eight other children including son and fellow pop singer Enrique.

Three of his kids were born out of his marriage to Preysler and five with his wife Miranda Rijnsburger.

Julio Iglesias took to the Eurovision stage in 1970


Julio Iglesias, with famous son Enrique, refused to take a DNA test for the explosive paternity caseCredit: Corbis


Julio’s famous son Enrique, pictured with wife Anna Kournikova, had his DNA taken from a bottle of waterCredit: Getty – Contributor


Julio, who has fathered eight official children, is the biggest selling Latin music artist of all timeCredit: Getty – Contributor

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